Associate Members of AABBI

Associate members are those individuals, organizations and businesses that support the bed and breakfast industry in Arizona.

Not only do these members provide our inns with the multitude of supplies and services they require to operate at the highest levels of quality, they also support each of us with the camaraderie, sponsorships and logistical support much appreciated by our volunteer-managed Association.

Whether you are an innkeeper or an Arizona visitor, consider directing your business to one of these fine organizations.

If you wish to inquire about becoming an Associate Member of the Arizona Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns, please contact Rosalie Lamentola-Ayala at (928) 425-2260 or by e-mail at  You may also view and complete an Associate Membership Application (Fillable PDF below).

Hospitality Amenities and SupplieS

    Comphy Co.
    7034 Portal Way #110
    Ferndale, WA 98248

    Comphy Co. is dedicated to continually researching and exploring fabric science and, when appropriate, applying new technologies to spa bedding.

    Insurance Services


      State Farm Insurance
      Penny Hubble Agency
      360 North Highway 89, Suite B, Chino Valley, AZ 86323
      928-636-3377 Fax 928-636-3371

      Penny Hubble

      I can help you understand the coverage options that are available to protect the things that are important: your finances, your assets, and liability - just to name a few. As a State Farm agent that specializes in helping Bed & Breakfasts, I’ll answer any other questions you may have, so you’ll get the answers and explanation you need to make educated decisions. You’ll come away with an affordable, comprehensive insurance plan. And you’ll have the exceptional claim service you’d expect from State Farm when you need it. Call me today at (928) 636 3377 or email


      Mitchell J. Pies Agency
      Lodge, Bed & Breakfast and Resort Insurance
      1236 Richland Meadows Drive, Ballwin, MO 63021
      Phone: 636 220-9377   Cell: 314 952-3605   Fax: 314 558-7953

      Mitch Pies

      Our Mission is to provide quality insurance products and services at competitive prices, offering the best insurance value for each client.

      Mitch Pies created the Mitchell J. Pies Insurance Agency in 1988. The agency specializes
      in serving the Bed & Breakfast, Lodge and Resort industry. Mitch was born and raised in
      Rochester, New York, earning his BS and MA in Education at Bowling Green State
      University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Mitch's passion for the hospitality industry is built on
      traveling throughout North America, Europe and Central America.

      3D Virtual Tour ServiceS


        OrbitVisions P. O. Box 21295 Mesa, AZ 85277 (480) 216-0015

        Jim Brown:

        In today’s competitive hospitality market, you need an edge over your competition and having the ability to reach a large growing demographic of techie clients is becoming imperative to the success of your business.

        We provide today’s hottest Matterport 3D Virtual Tour services so real it’s like being there. Most travelers research their destination prior to booking, so why not provide the most value and real experience of being there without ever stepping a foot thru your door. It’s an open house 24/7 – 365 days a year that will “wow” your potential customers. Once we scan and assemble the tour, it’s as simple as sharing the link across all social media platforms and embed on your website to generate the most interest.

        Call us today to set up your custom virtual tour or follow us at